How to Make a Giant Gingerbread Man

This Christmas, I decided to take my decorations up about 4-5 notches. If you follow me on Instagram, you would probably agree. I have definitely taken you on a ride while decorating the interior and exterior of my home. The theme this year (and many years thereafter) is a Gingerbread House. You can’t have a gingerbread house without a gingerbread man…or let’s make that a lady in this case.

2018-11-29 06.39.56 1.jpg

Please be very aware that this will make a huge mess, but the fun and excitement in making one is the worth it. YAY! (To limit the mess in your home, cut the styrofoam outdoors.)


Insulation Foam

Clothing Line Rope

Light Brown Exterior Paint

Pink Paint

Hot Glue Gun

Matches or Lighter

Clear Scotch Tape

Red/ White Striped Ribbon

Two Black Ornaments

Three Any Color Ornaments

Wooden Stake

PVC Pipe


Merry Christmas!!! If you enjoy other DIY projects that I do around the home like this one, comment below with “I WANT MORE PLEASE!“. I can add them to my blog. Love you guys!