Once & Floral

Giving you Anthropology vibes this week with my self-drafted Summer maxi dress. I wore it this weekend got stopped by several people that asked where I got it from. I proudly responded "I MADE IT!"😁

What intices you to choose the fabric for your garments?
There are three things that inspire me to be creative. These three things excite me and allows my creativity to overflow with so many thoughts and ideas. Texture, color, and print draw me into the fabrics that I purchase at stores. Its like a song that you hear for the first time and immediately fall in love. That's how I feel when I see fabric. Choosing fabric is like choosing that stand-out piece of art. I'm very choosy when it comes to picking the perfect textile. I choose it because it inspires me and I hope it inspires you as well. 😊

"When you pay attention to the details, the big picture will take care of itself."
There are so many deets on this dress that I love, but my fave is the bottom tier of the dress. It breaks the dress up and keeps the eye moving. It also adds additional interest to what could potentially be a boring dress.

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