Statement Bow Skirt


Guess what ladies?! Fall fashion is here! 🙌 I've been waiting a few weeks to say that. 😳 😁 I'm kicking off the new season with an extremely easy skirt with a 💥wow💥 factor. Need something fast and easy to make? This is it! So pull out your fall fabric and let's get started.


Make a statement this Fall with this gorgeous mini skirt. Everyone nowadays are interested in the most instagramable experiences, food, and/ or fashion. This skirt is definitely one of those instagramable things. Make one, wear it, and instagram it....And of course, tag me in the process. 😉 Are you excited about Fall like I am?


Did you know this skirt, honestly, takes one hour to make? 🙌  See tutorial below, and be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

s4 copy copy.png


  1. Sew the skirt in it's entirety as stated within the pattern (see video for pattern)
  2. Then, add the bow

Tip: If you happen to use a ponte, knit, or any other stretch fabric, go one size smaller when using the pattern.

bow pattern.png