Candy Buttons Maxi

You Asked! I'm Delivering!
Hi everyone. 👋 A few weeks ago, I asked you all to vote for the next #diy and this one won 2nd place. So this week, your wish is my command. 😌 This is the last dress for the Summer here on my page but no worries!! I have so much in store for you for Fall. I'm so excited about it that I wish I could share everything with you all now, but you're just going to have to stay tuned. 😉
In the meantime, let's enjoy these last few days of Summer. 🌞

Recreating your favorite fashion blogger's looks at a lower price tag is one of my favorite things to do! This dress by #Tibi is priced at a whopping $1250!!! And was on sale last week for $625. 😖 I don't know about you, but I don't have that kind of money to spend on just a casual dress...maybe one day...just not now. 😳 Until then, I'll make my own for under $50. 😉

Its an easy, beginners dress that everyone of all ages can tackle. 
Does the dress give y'all candy button vibes, or is it just me? Check out my instastory for more deets and let me know if you feel the same. 😁