Inspire others to THRIFT

If you aren't thrifting, you are seriously missing out! There are so many hidden treasures within a thrift store that are waiting to be found. I do a thrifting fashion challenge once a month because I always want to go back to root of this blog, which is thrifting. This week, I wish for you to inspire someone to thrift. Take someone along with you and show them the ropes. I will include a post in my blog on my personal secrets to thrifting so that you will NEVER miss out on those hidden gems again. You can print the guide out and take it aong with your friends to hit the thrift store this week. If you are reading this blog or are following along with me on my Facebook Blog page and have necer thrifted, what are you waiting for? Get inspired to thrift and take someone with you.  If you need help Skype me! Here are my Top 5 reasons we should all thrift.

  1. Support a Charitable Cause
  2. Save Money
  3. Get One-of-a-Kind Pieces
  4. Retrieve High Quality Pieces or Big Name Brands for Next to Nothing
  5. Allows you to be Creative with Your Style

Here is an inspirational store from one of my followers on Facebook. Read and LOVE!

"I went with my sister and neieces lol she hooked (to thrifting) now as well ,I must tell u this story she came down to visit and I took her thrifting right, well we bought watches out of a bin for 99 cents that were not working; they needed batteries. Well she picked up a cute little danity, silver and gold one and said, 'You like this one?' I said, 'Awww so cute its perfect for you!' (she's petite). So anyway she bought it and then when she went home took it to have battery put in and the man said 'I'll buy this watch from you for 750.00'. She said red flag went up she replied 'Ummm... no'. So she went and researched the numbers on watch, and we found out that watch is worth 1500.00! SCORE!!! She says 'I've always wanted an expensive watch!!!" -Tanya Keller Shaw