Alright Ladies & Gents, Welcome to this week's Home Decor Series. If this week goes well and I get great feedback, this will continue.  Ok, so just to give you my connection with Interior Design...This is actually my first love.  I have alot of experience in Home Decor.  I have decorated many homes, parties, and a church.  Many people have contacted me for some advice on how to decorate their spaces in their homes and even asked for my feedback after they have decorated.

When it comes to home decor, I feel like people should walk into your space and feel like they have walked into a space that they could never imagine or even think to decorate their space in that way.  In everything I encounter, I try to do things differently from others to stand out from amongst the rest.

Each day this week, we will tackle certain areas of your homes that will make a great impact in your home's decor.  The projects can be used in homes, apartments, or dorms.  If you are having difficulty in a certain area of your home, you can skype me and talk to me face to face so that I can get a better visual and I can talk you through the options that you have. Well, I hope you enjoy me on this ride. It's definitely going to be fun one.

Skype Username: CheapbutChic I will be booking appointments for 15 minutes intervals on Skype. You can ask me whatever you would like and need help with. The cost of each appointment will be $10/ 15 minutes or under. If you would like to set up an appointment with me, you must email me at tjsewer@gmail.com and let me know the time you would like to schedule and what type of assistance you may need. I will send you a Paypal invoice to your personal email for however long this appointment will take (Most appts should be 15 min or under). Once payment is made, I will send you a confirmation email on the set appointment. Well hope to see you there.