Home for the Holidays Series

Hi everyone!  I haven't blogged in a while because I was working on this new series that I will have up for the next 2 weeks.  It's called the "Home for the Holidays" series.  What it entails is DIY christmas gifts that you can make for the most fabulous people in your life and Home Decor ideas that ofcourse cater towards the holiday season. Oh!  I can't forget the giveaways!  There will be several items being auctioned for a giveaway (at no monetary cost to you ofcourse), but you will have invite friends to the sponsor's Facebook pages in order to win.  Stay tuned for that though.  If you have not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, you must do so now or else you will be missing out on all of the fun activities that will be going on in the next 2 weeks. YouTube Channel: CheapbutChic1