Product Review: Cover Girl's Whipped Cream Foundation

Hi Everyone!  So this is a new series that I wanted to start on my blog.  I wanted to turn my love for shopping for makeup into benefiting you; my readers.  Many of us are always on the hunt for the perfect products for our skin so on my hunt, I want to share with you products that are worth the money or products that are a just a waste.So for my first review, I wanted to start off with a brand new foundation from Cover Girl.  It's from their Clean line, and it's their whipped foundation. foundation

Does it have a scent? No scent.

What is the consistency like? This foundation definitely reminds of Maybelline's Dream Mouse.  The formula is a lot more lighter that that foundation, but it does have the consistency of a light mousse. consistency

How does it feel on the skin? This foundation feels satiny on the skin.  It feels smooth and silky. I have dry skin so I like the way it feels on my skin.  It's also light-weight and it does not feel heavy on the skin.

How does it look the skin? When I first applied this to my skin, it seemed as though I had gotten the wrong color.  It was way too light for my skin tone.  I continued to buff it in with my blending brush and it did blend pretty well.  Key note: It does take a minute for this to blend well onto your skin.  Also, once blended I found that it looked powdery so you have to spray your skin with setting spray to alleviate that unwanted look. Before Pic After Pic1

Oily/ Dry/ Normal Skin? This foundation is only great for Dry Skin and Normal Skin. I say this because the satiny feel of this foundation can feel a bit oily on an oily skin type. It may feel like this foundation will not last as long because of the two similar consistencies together; oily skin and "oily" foundation.

What is the staying power and coverage like? I did not set my foundation with powder, but I did set it with Urban Decay's All Night Setting Spray.  This foundation only lasted only 7 hours before I started to see my blemishes and things I was trying to cover with this foundation. And the coverage of this foundation is definitely a medium coverage foundation. after2

Likes: Great for dry skin Lightweight Like the satiny feel Blends well Easy Application

 Gripes: Not a lot of color options Not for every skin type Powdery/ Cakey finish (if not set with setting spray) Lasts only 7 hours No Sunscreen

Overall Rating? worth your time If there are anymore questions that you would like answered for this product or future products, I would LOVE to hear them. Please comment below and let me know what questions you would like answered and also what other products you are curious about. signature