Oh Sweet! Party

As a creative, it's natural for me to enjoy the thought of decorating. Not only for my home, but for parties.  Since my family and I host a lot of parties, I thought it'd be great to show you how I create the tables scapes for them.  This party is one of many, so if you are in need of some great party ideas, subscribe to my blog and my youtube channel, because they will indeed be posted.


Details are huge when it comes to party planning. A lot of people miss out on that, but that's what brings together the entire look of the theme you are going for. This theme is a modern take on a vintage candy land party.  I mixed in a few vintage pieces as well as a few modern accessories to bring together this look for my 8 year old daughter and her friends.  

The Dollar Store has some amazing hidden gems.  The pails are definitely one of them.  They are universal and can be used for all of your parties and not just for food, but for utensils, party favors, and other items.


Toothbrushes are great party favors for slumber parties because not only are they inexpensive, but they can be practical as well. Sometimes, children forget their toothbrushes so to have one on hand is great. Also, we need to replace our toothbrushes every few months, so it's great to have a backup.

Since my daughter was having a slumber party, I decided to use my two tiered cupcake stand, to hold cereal for the next morning.  I found these great spoons on clearance at HomeGoods and tied them onto the boxes with some simple string. 

Found these small containers in the organization section at Michael's. I thought that these would be great to use to make lip gloss. [Lip Gloss Ingredients: Coconut Oil + Kool Aid.]

How to Shop for Inexpensive Party Accessories

  1. Plan Ahead.  If you know that you are going to throw a party ahead of time, plan the type of party you want and the things you want to buy for it.
  2. Create a Mood Board. I personally love Pinterest.  I create a board there and save several photos that create the look that I am going for, so that when I shop, I know what to buy.  Also,  your photos will be great inspiration on how you'd like to decorate.  Hey! Go ahead and pin this post for your future party now. ;) 
  3. Shop Ahead.  When you go into the stores, go straight to the clearance sections. Many stores have several clearance areas. I check all of them because they always have great finds for dirt cheap that you can use for your party.  Shopping end of season sales are great too!  Shop for neutral items that can be used year-round to get the most bang for your buck.
  4. Shop Your Home. I purchased my mason jars a few years ago while at an estate fair.  I got a box of 20 for $5. That was too great of a deal to turn down!  Mason jars can be used for so many different projects and party planning is one of them.  So, shop your house, and use what you have to create a creative tables cape for your party.
  5. DIY. This blog post wouldn't be complete without it!  If you can make something for a lot cheaper, do it! It's more personal and custom to the party.  And it's always a great conversations starter..."Oh my God! You made this?" "Why Yes. Yes I Did!" :) 

Use This Theme

You can use this them for several different parties. All you'll need to do is be creative on your party favors.

  1. Kids/ Teenage Parties
  2. Baby Showers
  3. Slumber Parties
  4. Tea Party

At the end of each season, candy goes on sale. Large bags of cotton candy were on sale at my local grocery store for only 32 cents a bag! What a deal!  The cups were purchased from Target's dollar section. This section is the best place to look for party accessories.