Pink Chiffon Skirt

2018-03-10 02.12.12 1.jpg

I absolutely love the thought of being able to sew anything that I see on my favorite fashion bloggers, my favorite shops, or the runway shows of my favorite designers. To be able to create anything I want, is such a rewarding talent. If you are learning, keep practicing! If you haven't started yet, what are you waiting for?! If you're already sewing, isn't it amazing?!

In the world of instagram, inspiration is in the palm of your hand. I love how instagram now allows us to be able to create folders similarly to pinterest. With this capability, I am able to save all of the garments that I wish to make. I'm sure most of you are like me and have a must-make list longer than you do time. 😂 Mine grows daily, but just the sumple thought that Im able to make whatever I want makes me happy.

2018-03-10 12.09.39 1.jpg

Saw this skirt on one my fav fashion bloggers and knew I had to have it! (You'll see my inspo in the next post 😉) This isn't an exact copy of her skirt. I decided to use her skirt as inspiration to make my own and this is what I came up with. 😁 Thoughts??? 👀

2018-03-10 12.03.46 1.jpg

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