Wrap Skirt with Ruffle

This skirt is quite popular this year. The dramatic ruffles attracts some major attention and gives this skirt a wow factor. I guess this is why all of our favorite bloggers has them hanging in their closets.  

2018-03-10 12.46.18 1.jpg

The skirt was made using McCalls pattern M7129. This skill level to make this skirt is for beginners. It doesn't require any zippers or buttons, however it does require you to learn the basic gathering technique in which you can learn from this tutorial here

2018-03-10 03.22.55 1.jpg

I love this skirt because you can pair it with sexy heels and crop top or a cool pair of sneakers and  a t-shirt. Its quite versatile.  The best styling tip that I can share with you guys is, this skirt would be absolutely perfect to wear to a pool or beach party on top of your bathing suit.  

2018-03-10 03.32.48 1.jpg

Look pulled together and arrive to the party in this ruffled beauty and when you are ready to swim, untie your skirt and jump right in.  When it's time to go, wrap yourself into your skirt and look instantly pulled together.

Measurements you'll need:
Waistband width: 4.75
waistband length: length of top edge of skirt
Length of Main Body of Skirt: 15 inches
Width of Ruffle (for front and back): 11"
Length of Front Tapered  Ruffle: Measurement of your curved edge x 2 = _________
Length of Front Regular Ruffle: 2 x Width of Bottom edge of the Front Skirt Piece = _________
Length of Back Ruffle: 2 x Width of Bottom Edge of the Back Skirt Piece = __________

Note: For this tutorial, you must make your own waistband because we did not use the facing edge on the main body of the skirt which made the main body have a much wider width. To accompany that width, you must create a longer waistband.

In this tutorial, I teach you how to take this pattern and alter it in order to make this on-trend skirt.  For more photos and inspiration, follow me on instagram.