Off the Shoulder Gingham

I’ve had this dress inspiration on my phone for almost a year. I wanted to create it for Spring but got distracted by other looks. So, I held onto it for Fall and I could not have chosen a better time because to be honest, I didn’t have any fabric ideas to create a Spring look.

2018-10-17 09.48.45 1.jpg

To create the look, I used McCalls pattern M7807. This pattern was simple and very straight forward. I would definitely say that this pattern is for a beginner.



  1. Lengthened View D into a dress that hit my ankles.

  2. Cut a curve from bottom ankle on left side to mid-thigh on right side

    Note: For a woman with wide hips (like me) be sure that when you are cutting this dress, choose a size that is a bit wider than your hips. Remember that the waist tie is what will give the dress its shape, so don’t worry about how boxy the dress looks at first. When you tie the waist tie around your waist, you will then have your hourglass figure. (wink wink)

    Note: If you are using a gingham fabric, play with the direction of the print. If you take a closer look at my dress, I did that so it would break up the look and create more interest in the dress.


Boots: Gifted to me by Charlotte Russe