Oversized Sequin Coat

Gimme all the sequin fabrics!
This year I had a few goals. One of them was to learn to sew with sequins. My first was the cropped unicorn jacket and I haven’t stopped since. It does take quite a bit of patience to sew with it, but the outcome is totally worth it.


Sequin Fabric purchased from Joann Fabrics
Pattern: McCalls M7332


note: There are different size and types of sequin fabric. Each one requires a different technique. The tips I’m sharing with you in this post are for medium to larger sequins like I’ve used here with this jacket.

  • DO NOT use your good scissors. Have a separate pair of scissors that will be dedicated for sequin fabric. This is because larger sequin can dull and damage your fabric scissors. (I’ve learned this the hard way)

  • When cutting out the pattern pieces, be sure to use pattern weights and not pins. It’ll be more effect this way.

  • When cutting your fabric, have the wrong side of the fabric face up.

  • Prior to sewing, remove the sequins from the seam allowance and the area where you may have to sew a dart. This is a tedious step, but this will make your life so much easier and it will make sewing with sequins a breeze.

  • After you are finished sewing, if there are bare spots, hand stitch loose sequins in place for a professional finish

  • Use a medium weight interfacing on the neckline if you are creating jacket. This will prevent the front neckline of your jacket to be weighed down from the sequins

  • Be patient and take your time. Working with sequins is tedious. Know that prior to jumping in. Also know that it is doable. You got this.


Special Thank You to Charlotte Russe for providing the top and boots for this outfit.