Designer Look for Less: RL Foil Leather Shearling Coat


I about passed out when I saw the price of this jacket and this price tag motivated me to recreate a similar look.

2019-01-02 11.09.18 1.jpg
2019-01-06 10.54.53 2.jpg


Pattern: Kwik Sew K4017

Fabric: Joann Fabrics offers Black, Gold or Silver

Heavy Duty Snaps

Heavy Duty Snaps Pliers

White Sherpa Lining

Tips to Remember:

- Keep in mind that this is a men’s pattern so this will have a looser, more boxy fit. Depending on how you want it to fit, you need to keep this in mind.

- If you want the jacket to be more fitted to your body, I would highly recommend that you go down a size. I chose to create mine oversized because that is what’s on trend at the moment and I love it.

- When cutting the silver fabric, cut it to the exact shape of the pattern.

- When cutting the shearling fabric, Add two inches to the bottom length and to the sleeves.

- Use a piece of cotton fabric as a barrier between the foil leather and the hot iron in order to properly press.

- The last steps to completing the jacket, should be to add the snaps and then press. (Just in case you were confused as to when to add the snaps)

Tutorials That Were Helpful:
When sewing this coat I either forgot how to do something or wasn’t well versed in another. These videos are extremely helpful in creating this jacket. Hope that help you as much as they helped me.

- Sewing in Welts
- Sewing in the Lining

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2019-01-06 10.54.53 1.jpg
2019-01-06 10.54.54 2.jpg

Question: How do I start becoming a social media influencer?

The answer to this question is simple; just do it. I personally think that as a sewing influencer, we have more to offer. We are able to share the best of both worlds; sewing and style. If your strength is to teach, teach your audience how you made what you are sharing. If that’s not your strength, maybe you can show your audience how you can style what you made. There is so many different avenues that we can showcase our work. All you have to do is start.