Tiered Sequin Skirt

2018-12-16 10.57.30 1.jpg

At the beginning of every season, I create a list of what I want to sew up. This skirt was scheduled to be made for the Fall and I had the perfect Fall look styled and ready to go. But, things happen….. The instructions listed in the pattern to create this skirt frustrated me so much that I threw it in a corner and it sat there for about a month. I stopped sewing for a couple weeks because the frustration overwhelmed me. I took my mind off of it and decided to sew another garment. That was the break that I needed. After a month of it sitting in the corner, I decided to pick my green sequin skirt back up and finish it. I could not believe how fast I got it done. I decided not to read the instructions, and create it from own knowledge. Guess what?! I finished it in about 2 hours!

Lessons Learned:

  1. Take a break and walk away. Working on something while frustrated will only make things worse. Just walk away.

  2. Come back with fresh eyes. This will allow you to see things differently.

  3. Go with your instinct. If there is a different way of doing something, try that.


Sequin Fabric: Joann Fabric Stores. (Unfortunately, this fabric is not listed on their website, but you can go into your local Joanns and just look for emerald green sequins in the special occasions section.)

Pattern: Simplicity Pattern #8388

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