Designer Look for Less: Balmain Beychella Hoodie

Raise your hand if you wish you had the time and money to make every one of Beyonce's outfits during Coachella!  Everything she wore during both nights was inspiring. I absolutely loved everything and wished it was all in my closet. The one thing that I thought I could pull off and create was her hoodie. She wore one in yellow and and another i pink. I chose yellow.


As soon as I stopped drooling while watching he perform, I went on Amazon and searched for a yellow hoodie. I purchased mine in a medium. I cut the sweater in half just above the pocket. I also removed the waistband with a seam ripper and attached it to the newly cropped hoodie.


Here are the supplies that I used. Click each one for the links to wear you can purchase them.:

  1. Yellow or Pink Hoodie
  2. Panther Patch
  3. Gold Beads
  4. Pink Beads
  5. Black Beads
  6. E6000 Glue
  7. Puff Paint

Yarn Gathering Technique: CLICK HERE

Print the stencil below. It should print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper (aka regular size paper). If you plan on making one, please share it on instagram @tabithasewer and tag me. I'd love to see you recreate it.