Designer Look for Less: Lela Rose

This dress on my summer list for quite some time now and I could not find the pattern. But lo and behold, my friend Faith found it 🙌. So I asked her if we could collaborate and showcase our take on this pattern. So....(drum roll please) Th pattern that we used was Simplicity New Look pattern 6494. You will notice that I have made quite a bit of modifications to this pattern to create the designer look that I was going for. The dress that inspired my look came from Lela Rose and it retails at $2495.00 😩. The fabric of the original dress is absolutely stunning 😍 and I wish I was able to find something very similar. However, 💡 I found a fabric that I thought was more modern and was just as nice. 

2018-06-20 11.36.59 1.jpg

I love sewing garments that challenge my skills. This one definitely did it for me. 😩 If you are interested in how I got into this dress, 😜 I added a zipper closure in the back just like the designer dress. 😁 

2018-06-23 02.29.45 1.jpg

Let's talk fabric! The mesh fabric was described as mosquito netting. I purchased this from Joann Fabrics and I felt that the strength of the netting was perfect for creating this look. The main body of the fabric is actually a curtain that I found at Ikea. I absolutely loved the print as soon as I saw it so I knew I had to sew something with it. 😁😋

2018-06-23 07.26.33 1.jpg
2018-06-23 12.59.41 1.jpg