Mustard Yellow Coords

This season, I challenged myself to come up with 12 of my favorite looks to sew. This outfit WAS NOT on my list, but it stopped me in my tracks as soon as I saw it. A similar was seen on one of favorite fashion bloggers, but her look was white with camel polka dots. Her look also had a maxi skirt with a ruffle detail at the bottom. I really wanted to recreate this look, but of course, I had  to make it my own.

The fabric that I chose for this look is a cotton fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby. I feel that mustard yellow should have been the color of the year. Am I right?  This color will transition so well into the Fall. I love it so much. I feel that utilizing both of the patterns, brought together a really cute outfit. And although they pair well together, they will also look equally beautiful as separates.


I used two patterns to create this look and I made a few modifications, but nothing dramatic. The pattern that I used for the top was Simplicity 8644. On the inside of the wrap top, the pattern called for two buttons to be attached. I added two large snaps instead. The pattern that I used for the skirt was McCalls 7725. the pattern has a waistband attached to the top of the skirt. I took that away and added a facing to inside of the waist instead.


Modifications: I did make modifications to the top. On the inside of the wrap top, the pattern called for two buttons to be attached. I added two large snaps instead.

This was an 'in progress' shot of my skirt. I was trying to decide whether or not I should add the waistband the pattern suggested or go without it. A few people on Instagram confirmed my thought, so I modified the pattern by adding a lining to the inside. Once I brought it to the inside, I topstitched the top edge of the skirt. The next time I make a pencil skirt like this, I will top stitch the inside only so that the lining stays on the inside but you won't be able to see the stitches on the outside of the skirt.


How fun is this color and how fun is this look? I feel like a real fashion blogger in this outfit. LOL! What do you think? Do I look official? LOL! What other colors or print would you choose?