Designer Look for Less: Cynthia Rowley

But why does it have to be so cold outside?! 😣 I'll just pretend that it's Spring. It at least looks like it in my little corner on Instagram. 😌 So, while scrolling through Instagram last week, I came across this dress. So I dropped everything I was doing and ran 🏃‍♀️ to my local fabric store to get everything I needed to make it. For those of us that can sew, isn't that AMAZING that we can do that?! We can make ANYTHING we want! 💪 .

2018-03-17 02.51.20 1.jpg

 So while scrolling through the Gram, I came across this dress on on of my favorite fashion bloggers and added it to my To-Make list. This dress was designed by  Cynthia Rowley and retails for $325. I don't know about you, but I don't have $325 to spend on a casual everyday dress. So, I decided to make one in the color of my choosing 🍑 for approximately $20.

2018-03-17 12.14.40 1.jpg
2018-03-17 12.28.04 1.jpg