Monsters Inc Fur Coat

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Today I’m giving you Monster’s, Inc street style. LOL!

Don’t you just love a good fur coat. If I were to purchase a coat from a retail store, I’d probably buy the most basic neutral color. However, when you are able to to MAKE YOU OWN coat and your are faced with hundreds of colors to choose from, why not choose the brightest, most fun color in the bunch.

This fur was kindly provided by Stylish Fabrics. Unfortunately, I did not see any more of the turquoise luxury fur that I chose, but you don’t worry, they have several other colors. Choose whichever color fur or fabric you want and use code: tabithasewer for 20% off your purchase. (discount code ends Feb 1)

Have you ever sewn with fur before? This is my second time actually. I learned a few thing from past mistakes, as well as tips and tricks from my mommy. Below, I have listed some helpful tips that may help you on your journey of sewing fur garments.

Helpful Tips:

  1. First let me answer the obvious question (LOL!) Is this for beginners? Absolutely not. If you are a beginner and you attempt a fur coat, you would probably throw the whole sewing machine away. LOL! So be patient and try easier projects first and work yourself up to this.

  2. In preparation of cutting your fabric, turn your fabric over so that the back side is facing up and the fur is facing the cutting table. Also, make sure that you are aware of the direction of the fur so that you know how to lay out your pattern onto the fabric.

  3. To cut, a rotary cutter was extremely helpful and made cutting so much faster and easier. Im all about efficiency.

  4. Be sure to have some type of packing tape near by to collect all the loose fur from the edge of the fabric and the cutting table. Trust me….You’ll need a lot of tape.

  5. Since the fur is so thick, its difficult to use pins, so it is recommended that you use wonder clips. However, I do not own wonder clips because they are quite expansive so, small binder clips from the dollar tree were my saving grace. Grab two packs and stash them in your sewing space.

  6. When sewing the seam allowance, I cut off a lot of the fur off to remove unnecessary bulk with my husband’s hair trimmer. (I cleaned it off so I wouldn’t get caught. LOL!) The hair trimmer made things go by so quick. Its one of the easiest, most efficient tricks I could recommend.

  7. Also, to line my coat, I used the normal lining fabric all over the coat except the front. I added fur to the inside front for extra warmth. Best decision ever!!! And it also gave the illusion that the entire coat (inside and out) was made with faux fur.

This is a community that shares so if you have helpful tips, please share them below. I love learning and I would love to learn from you as well. XOXO Now…scroll to the bottom to get to the giveaway! Woo Hoo!

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Win a $25 gift card to Stylish Fabrics and grab some amazing fabric to add to your collection. Here are the rules:

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