A Seamstress and her Pincushion


I mean…..isn’t this the most perfect costume for me and my pup?! LOL! Duh! I’m going as myself and he is going as my trusty old pin cushion! LOL!

2019-09-13 08.25.25 2.jpg

This was was such a fun costume to make and oh so easy! Im so excited to be sharing with you all how I made it. Ready? Lets go!


2 yards Red Flannel Fabric

1/3 yard Green Felt Fabric

Pillow Stuffing

Styrofoam balls

2 qty Styrofoam Disks

Green Yarn

Sewing Machine

Low Temp Glue Gun + Glue Sticks


Acrylic Paint

Silver Spray Paint

Sponge Brush

Tooth Picks

Wooden Skewers

Here’s How:

  1. Using the Butterick See & Sew pattern B6581, create the dog vest as per the instructions on the pattern

  2. Using the silver spray paint, paint the wood skewers. Allow to dry.

  3. Paint the styrofoam balls with the acrylic paint. Use the toothpicks to handle the balls so that the paint does not get on your hands. Allow to dry.

  4. Using the glue gun, stick the dull end of the skewers into the styrofoam balls.

  5. As seen in illustration A, draw out the petal shape onto a cardboard and use this pattern to cut out 6 pieces.

  6. Sew each of the pieces together down the sides of each petal.

  7. At the stop and bottom of the tomato, gather the openings using a zig zag stitch and yarn.

  8. Pull on the ends of the yarn to start to close the tomato on the bottom side. Tie ends together into a knot.

  9. Fill the tomato with the stuffing until full.

  10. Place the two styrofoam disks inside the top side of the tomato and close the the opening by pulling the ends of the yarn and tying into a knot.

  11. With the green yarn, wrap the yarn around the tomato following each seam. You should end up at the top when finished. Tie the green yarn into a knot.

  12. With the green felt, cut out a star shape. Glue to the top side of the tomato.

  13. Cut tiny slits into the felt for easy insertion of the “pins“

  14. Push the pins into the slits.

  15. Attach velcro to the bottom of the tomato and the top of the dog vest. Matching each velcro strip, attach the tomato to the vest.

  16. That’s it!