Shoe Makeover ft. Heel Sleeves

I wanted to do a separate blog for the shoes that I wore in my Pretty Girls Sew ( submission for the month of July.  Yes! They are that fabulous! :)  Anyhow, I basically purchased them from the thrift store for only $5. The first thing I did was cover them in a pink cotton fabric.  To do this, I followed the steps on the blog pictured below. Click on the picture and it will take you directly to the blog.  The blogger did a fabulous job taking pics and she explained it very well. love Maegan-a lifestyle blog-Maegan TintariAfter I covered my shoes with my fabric of choice, I saw these fabulous shoes accessories that I have been wanting for a few months now but never purchased.  They are called Heel Condoms. I know...I hate the name, so let's call them Heel Sleeves. heelcondomsAren't they just ADORABLE!  You can find them at They range from about $25-$30. Pretty reasonable, I think. Basically, they wrap around your heel and you can remove them and wear them with any heels that you have.  They work best with heels that have a back to them. Anyhow, I decided that I was going to try my hand at making some of my own and guess what?  I was successful! I love the way mine came out and I can't wait to make more.  So here are the finished shoes. shoes

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