From "Hallelujah" to "I Wanna Do Ya!"

Hi everyone.  So for Pretty Girls Sew ( this month we had to shop our closets or the Thrift Stores and take 2 items from Drab to Fab.  And boy was that a lot of fun!!!11-thrift-shop

When I heard the challenge for the month, I already knew what I wanted to create.  I wanted to make a romper with a heart cut-out in the back.  How cute would that be right?  Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way for me.  It's obvious that I had a lot of material to work with, but the way the dress was made, it was difficult for me to make shorts.  I was pretty discouraged....only for a few hours though. LOL! drab

So this dress was pretty difficult for me to alter.  The dress was strangely made.  I had to do a lot to make the dress exactly how I pictured it in my mind.  This dress took me 3 days to fix.  Below are the steps that I took to alter my Grandma dress.from Drab

DSC_0096 1. Removed both sleeves and slimmed one sleeve to fit my arm. 2. Slimmed the body of the dress to fit the curves of my body. 3. Cut the top off at an angle to mimic the one-shoulder look. 4. When I cut off the top, I cut the zipper, so I had to remove the old zipper and replace it with a new one. 5. I slimmed down the arm hole so that I was able to place my arm sleeve in it perfectly. 6. I created a high-low look, so I hemmed the dress at two different lengths. 7. I had to add larger darts because the dress was originally made for a big breasted woman, which I am not. 8. Lastly, I just made a few small alterations to make the dress hug my body at the right spots. To see the alterations I made to my shoes, click here: SHOES fab

DSC_0015DSC_00261 I hope to inspire you all to think outside the box when it comes to thrifting.  Comment below and tell me how you think I did?! I would love to hear from you. Btw, if you follow me on Instagram, you know how I came up with the title of this blog post. LOL! Thanks for stopping by! signature