Mommy & Me: Tropical Vibes

Everything on my list of "to make" this season has a tropical or Moroccan vibe to it. I don't know about you, but Spring/ Summer really ignites the fire in me to be creative. So for the next few months, be prepared to see fun color, palm leaves, jewel tones, mermaid textures, and everything else you'd see on a tropical island

2018-04-29 09.50.48 2.jpg

Pattern: McCalls 7757

Modifications: No modifications were made to the top, however, I did make changes to the pants. Continue reading for more deets.

2018-05-12 12.59.08 1.jpg

Motherhood has taught me so much about myself and how much I still need to work on as an individual person, as well as being the best mother I can be. One thing that motherhood has tested is my patience...or the lack thereof. 😩☺️ I've started teaching my daughter how to sew and it has been the most joyful experience ever. I look at her and think..."Dang! I wish I had her patience and the drive when I was a kid when my mother tried to teach me to sew."

2018-06-06 06.51.36 3.jpg

The pants design that comes within the pattern is not at all flattering. I really dislike elastic waistbands because I don't care to put any more emphasis on my waistline. I thought that a paperboy design would work best, so I extended the length at the waistband area to create the look that I wanted. I added a one inch elastic within the casing and that was it. I really like the way these pants came out.