Patti Pocket Skirt

2018-03-13 06.26.05 1.jpg is my version of the  Patti Pocket skirt designed by Amy Nicole Studio. Amy asked 10 bloggers to participate in creating this skirt in our own way. As the other bloggers started to post their skirts, I got more and more self conscious and I messaged Amy and told her that my skirt seems really 🗣️LOUD🗣️ in comparison to the other girls. I told her "Maybe I should have toned it down a bit." 🙊 I doubt myself alot in fear of judgement. I'm still learning to stop comparing myself to others. Everyone's style is different. Mine is a bit more louder then most, but that's ok. 🙈 

2018-04-20 09.58.25 3.jpg

Ok Here is my review on the pattern:
1. Her branding is beautifully done. Her patterns and instructions are easy to follow.
2. The pattern is versatile. She includes 2 lengths within this pattern. If you are really creative, there is so many designs that you can incorporate into her design.
3. You'll learn something new! I've been sewng for a few years now and I'm always excited to learn something new. I absolutely loved learning about the way she sews her garments. And I took away some helpful tips in the way that I will sew mine from now on.
4. I would definitely recommend this project to a beginner once they've learned how to master an invisible zipper. It's a fun make! 🤩 Did I mention it has pockets?!
5. The design of this skirt is impeccable and believe it or not, it is a very similar design that my client wants for her wedding dress. (just a bit longer) 😁 It's unique and absolutely stunning. If you are a skirt lover like me, I highly recommend that you add this one to your project list.
6. I highly recommend that you support small businesses and indie designers within our sewing community. I love supporting anyone who has a small business because I personally, would want the same in return. We all need one another to grow. The only way that we can grow is by supporting our each other. I whole-heartedly believe that. 👭
7. Visit her Instagram page for a link to this pattern. Trust me when I say you will thank me later.

If in the rare moment, I find shoes at the thrift store, my life is made. 🙌 These color block Nine West heels that I found at my local Goodwill have been on heavy 🏋️‍ rotation. 
I am completely obsessed with shoes, so when I find something good, I can't turn a blind eye. All shoes need a home. And because I am a nuturer at heart, I'm more than happy to create a home for them. ( least that's my excuse to my husband when he asks me why I buy so many shoes) 🙄 Don't judge me. 😜
Btw....did I ever mention that this skirt has pockets. #winning ðŸ™Œ

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