Unicorn Jacket

To the woman working behind the cutting table at @joann_stores who turned her nose up at me and asked me why in the world I was buying this fabric, this is what I wanted to make; my 🦄 unicorn jacket. When I stop by, I'll be sure to wear it, as you requested, because you obviously need a little magic in your life. ✨✨✨ #benicetocustomers

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 3.13.13 PM.png


This jacket was my first approach at sewing with sequins. One huge tip that I learned, is to remove all of the sequins within the seam allowance to make for an easier sew.

My style is simple silhouettes with a 💥WOW💥 factor. The 'Wow' is usually in the fabric color, print, or texture that I choose or in the details that I add to my garments. With each item I make, I always add an extra something special to make it uniquely me. But again, the silhouettes are usually pretty simple. Nothing too difficult in design...it just may look that way sometimes. 😉  I made this simple cropped jacket with a beautiful sequin fabric and I paired with a flowy chiffon maxi skirt that I quickly whipped up. ✂️ It's such a fun look! I love it so much. This outfit definitely evokes my style.

2018-04-08 11.30.30 1.jpg

"Being the best is great; it means you're number one. But being unique is greater, because you're the only one."

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