Designer Look for Less: Ruffle Pants

I decided that I wanted to make some pants....but of course, if you know me, I have to take things up a notch. ☝️I saw these amazing designer pants on one of my fav bloggers, so I decided to recreate them. The pants have ruffle sewn into the side seem of one pant leg, which adds a bit of fun to the pants.

2018-03-08 12.30.20 1.jpg

So as per usual, I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw these pants on one of my favorite fashion bloggers, and was immediately obsessed! I quickly researched the designer of the pants, so that I can figure out if these were affordable for me to purchase. Of course they weren't affordable! 😩 What was I thinking?! The pants retail for $420. 😮 They also come in one color, which was camel. That gave me the opportunity to make my own in the color of my choosing. So, I chose a beautiful dark red fabric and got started.

2018-03-13 06.25.54 1.jpg

Can you believe that I've been sewing for over 5 years now, and this is the first time I've ever sewn a zipper fly? Crazy! I've always been intimidated, so I stayed away. But these pants forced me to learn how.

2018-03-13 11.42.39 1.jpg

Pattern: 6901

Modifications: Cut out a long curved strip of fabric (the length of your pant leg) gather one edge to create the ruffle. Sew it into the side seam.

2018-03-17 01.34.28 1.jpg
2018-03-17 09.16.05 1.jpg
2018-03-17 01.50.57 1.jpg