Designer Look for Less: Carolina Herrera

When you are invited to NYFW you cannot wear anything less than the best. When my client Lily sent me a photo of this skirt, my mind went into immediate panic. Not because I couldn’t do it….but because I had less than a week to deliver. I would usually say no, but I knew what a huge opportunity it was for both me and Lily so I sucked it up, put on my big girl pants and focused on the outcome of this project.

Can I just say, this came out way better than I thought!!!!

Lily has a beauty that is unexplainable and is very striking. She will literally stop you dead in your tracks because she is so gorgeous. When she sent me the photos she took in NY while wearing this, my eyes teared up because all of the long hours and hard work it took to create this skirt was sooooooo worth it. The cherry on top was that she shot with Denise. Who is Denise, you may ask? Denise used to photograph the fashion community’s most loved influencer, Kyrzayda Rodriguez. (Rest in Peace) So you know, this made it even more special.

Thank you Lily for entrusting me with your vision. You are one of the sweetest and most gracious people I know. And thank you for sharing your photos with me so that I can share with my friends and readers.