Mesh Midi Dress

I came across this design on Instagram after a friend sent it to me, so I told myself that I HAD TO have it! While trying to source fabric, I had a problem with trying to find the mesh fabric. When I went to NY this year, I was so excited to across it, so I immediately purchased it. 

So I have the what? The picture that inspired this look was sadly deleted from instagram, so I had to sketch out the look based off of my memory. Once it was sketched, I had to figure out how I was going to execute this look. I promise you, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. On my IGTV, I posted two videos to show you how I started to execute the look.

To create the look, I combined McCalls 7573 and McCalls 7626. The bottom of the skirt was easy.  I used the mesh for my waistband and I created a circle skirt design for the bottom of my dress.

Creating these unique looks without a specific pattern and instructions to help guide me along is very stressful and challenging. Challenges are what makes me more proficient in my sewing, so I always find ways to challenge myself. I hope that I inspire you to challenge yourself.

2018-08-25 05.04.59 1.jpg
2018-08-25 05.04.57 1.jpg
2018-08-25 05.05.01 2.jpg