Strawberry Pickin

So…..Im already obsessed with fabric with fruit on it, but JOANN stores has just elevated my obsession by added SEQUIN FRUIT on fabric! You guys, when I saw this I literally squealed with excitement. If in the future, JOANN stores allows me to create a fabric line with them, this is EXACTLY how it would look like. Fun, sparkly, and eye-catching! Isn’t this fabric to die for?!


With this fabric, I wanted to create the perfect look for Summer. Strawberries in the Summer time is the perfect depiction of that. Am I right?! Lately, I’ve been obsessed with circle skirts. It truly showcases the beauty of the fabric. If you do not own a circle skirt, now is the time!

I created a circle skirt tutorial several years ago that you can find HERE. I’ve used it up until I found this genius circle skirt calculator created from By Hand London. This calculator eliminates all of the headaches of calculating numbers in your head and jus makes things so much easier. As you all know, circle skirts are in abundance in my closet and i don’t foresee them going anywhere.


Strawberry Fabric


Light Pink Invisible Zipper

Invisible Zipper Foot


  1. Using the tutorial I created will guide you along as you create the skirt of your dreams. The tutorial contains two projects, however, the circle skirt portion of that starts at 12:43

  2. To create the skirt, use the calculator to find your radius and length of your skirt.

  3. Fold your fabric in half, and mark your radius, then mark the entire length of your skirt. Marking both your radius should be a curved outline on the fabric.

  4. You will do this twice for the front and back sides of your skirt and cut them both out.

  5. Create your waistband by taking your waist measurement dividing that by two and adding 1 inch for your waistband. This formula should create the front of your waistband. You will need to repeat this again to create the back side of your waistband.

  6. Cut your interfacing in the same manner as above. The interfacing is needed for your waistband to keep the shape of the waistband intact. Iron your interfacing onto your waistband pieces.

  7. If you are creating a lining for your skirt like I did (optional) repeat steps 1-6 for your lining fabric.

  8. Connect your waistband by sewing one side together (right sides together). Leave one side open. You’ll need this for your zipper install.

  9. Connect your skirt together in the same manner, by sewing one side together (right sides together). Leave one side open. You’ll need this for your zipper install.

  10. Matching the seams and all edges of your fabric, connect the waistband and skirt together and sew them in place.

  11. Attach your invisible zipper foot in place using the instructions on the packaging. It’s extremely easy, I promise.

  12. Attach your zipper onto your fabric using THIS tutorial that I created for you. Its an easy visual of how to sew in your zipper. Once your zipper is in place, stitch the remaining of the seam closed.

  13. Lastly, hem the bottom of your skirt and you are finished!

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